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Environmental responsibility adelaide

Environmental Responsibility

Our environmental impact is something we take seriously and the Impeccably Styled Events Team is committed to reducing our planetary footprint wherever possible.  We strongly believe that it is the responsibility of every single person to do what they can to reduce their waste, shop package free and up-cycle / re-use /re-purpose wherever possible.  We regularly participate in community clean-ups and other environmental initiatives.


Our Commitment:


~Recycle all soft plastic packaging of décor through the REDCycle Program

~Recycle all batteries through teracycle

~Melt all candle scraps down into new pillar candles and recycle the aluminium wick tabs

~Donate any textiles, artificial floristry or miscellaneous décor accessories to second hand stores, craft groups or community kindergartens at the end of their event life.  Where their use can be avoided or an alternative is suitable for the Client we will endeavour to go with these options first.

~Regularly maintain all items to ensure a long lifetime.

~Use recycled stationary

~Use natural home made cleaning products that are grey water safe.

~Only use products and event stock that is strictly NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS, not made of animal by-product, 100% vegan, ethically sourced where possible,  sustainable materials and package free wherever possible.


We are currently designing an Eco Friendly Wedding Package that will be waste free and include natural or repurposed décor. We can work  closely with all Clients to source eco friendly items for every aspect of their wedding to ensure their special day has as little impact on our planet as possible.

Do you have a suggestion on how we can become more environmentally friendly? Please send us your thoughts.

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